"The single biggest challenge facing companies attempting client/server to Web Based solution conversion is the technical competence"
No two organizations are ever similar in their requirements or the way they conduct their business. There will always be a unique process of systems inherent within an organization that will differentiate it from its competitors.

As such there is always a need to customize information systems with client server and web-based technology. Finding the right resources to implement these solutions are never easy without the right technology partner working hand-in-hand.


As a technology partner, WEB PRONTO is uniquely suited to provide customer application solutions such as three-tiered client-server applications, web-based applications, conversion from, or interfacing across server applications using the latest web technologies.

Our technology expertise lies in utilizing Microsoft Internet Tools for end user solutions. We are competent to prrovide Application development solutions utilizing Microsoft technologies.


Web Pronto, has the expertise to provide a turnkey solution to meet the specific customer's business problems. The turnkey solution can based on various business decisions and matrix, which both Web Pronto and its customers value for the success of the projects that is envisioned. If the customer has no in-house Information Technology implementation expertise, Web Pronto's, expert business analyst can be retained to evaluate the specific business problems and cases on a retainer basis to advise the customer the need and possible best industry solutions. The solution could be based on existing packages or a customized solution to address the unique business case. Either way, if the customer has all the needs analysis already predefined, Web Pronto can turn around with a value proposition for cost effective proposal for developing the application development for the customer.